Our Approach

We believe that good communication is essential for building strong business relationships. Communicating well is key to maintaining those relationships. Misunderstandings can all too easily arise when communicating with someone from a different background, culture or country.

At Northwoods HRD Consulting, we work with employees worldwide.

We focus on

  • creating awareness and understanding of cultural differences
  • developing effective communication skills with people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • positive interactions based upon a shared respect for human dignity.

Susan Clancy- Kelly, Principal Consultant of Northwoods HRD Consulting, brings over 20 years of experience in US and European multinational organizations and in Education. She specializes in working with executives in the technical, HR,  Medical and Finance fields.

Susan has a Masters Degree in Education with a specialization in Human Resources, a Bachelors Degree in Natural Sciences from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and is TESOL certified (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language).

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Susan Clancy-Kelly, Principal Consultant of Northwoods HRD Consulting

Susan Clancy-Kelly, Principal Consultant of Northwoods HRD Consulting