We offer one-to-one tutoring for Adult English language learners; we specialize in both American and British English.

We offer exam preparation for TESOL and IELTS exams. We focus on speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar.

Our tutoring is delivered in excellent, clear English by native English speakers. 

Innovative Education services

We focus on delivering innovative solutions for Adult learners. Current projects include creating online textbooks and using Learning Management Systems (e.g. Blackboard and Canvas) to support classroom instruction in Math and Science for high school equivalency.

Our Curriculum development areas include math, sciences and workplace education in Computers, IT and Manufacturing topics for Adult Education.  We have experience working with the Common Core Curriculum.


Can't figure out just how an application works? We can help you! 

We offer online IT Training and tutoring using Skype and other remote platforms. We can deliver training on technical topics and tools.

We cover many different applications for Windows, Android and Ubuntu, such as MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Open Office applications and Google tools.

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